Trading operations

LMS operates on Russian securities market. Our traders accept orders for main Russian exchanges (MICEX and RTS, including RTS FORTS) as well as for OTC market. The company's business is focused on trading operations on RTS and on OTC market. In 2005 we concentrated on trading in the segment of mid-cap and small-cap companies. This decision paid off and we have anchored ourselves in this segment.

Today the size of our own investment in mid-caps and small-caps is more than $25 million. At present time we support firm quotes of more than 200 issuers traded at RTS Board and more than 50 issuers not represented in trading systems and indicative quotation systems.
LMS has a noticeable stream of stock sales by more than 200 issuers through its network for buying up stock, which is active in 60 regions of Russia. We keep discovering new sound issuers for the market, accumulating them from minority shareholders and running it's admission to the RTS Board. In 2008 our company added 47 issuers into the market, which were 2.3% from all the securities being traded in the RTS indicative quotation system and also got in the lead by the amount of stock it introduced into the market, according to information from RTS.