Buying up of Russian companies

LMS specializes in searching for strong and undervalued Russian companies whose stock might be interesting for portfolio investors looking for small-caps and mid-caps with huge upside.


After the mass privatization of the early 1990s lots of people in Russia from workers and engineers to pensioners became shareholders. However, there was no developed market for such number of issues. On the other hand, individuals own odd lots and do not appreciate its value. So there is a possibility to buy good stocks extremely cheaply. As a matter of fact such stocks are often extremely underestimated in relation to their foreign analogues and therefore have great upside. Naturally, one can even triple or quadruple his investments.


For more than 16 years our company has been accumulating experience in search, analysis and buying up of companies in almost every region of Russia.


LMS buys stocks with its own funds and offers ready investment ideas together with accumulated stock portfolio, a service much valued by our clients. The list of our services also includes buying up required shares and consolidation of large stakes, supported by industry and company research.


In 2006-2009 the company accomplished a number of successful projects considered to be among the best in the small-cap and mid-cap equity market by participants of the market. According to the information from RTS, in 2008 LMS gained the lead by the number of stock issues it introduced into the market.