Brokerage services

Classical brokerage (voice trading)
Classical brokerage at the LMS Investment Company allows the investor to:
  • make transactions on securities market by making orders through a trader (over the phone);
  • receive latest updates on the stock quotes and the current market situation;
  • receive analyst’s coverage and researches;
  • receive full and timely reports on the transactions realized and the state of the client's accounts.
Our traders accept orders for trading floors at MICEX and RTS, including RTS FORTS. Classical brokerage is available for all types of clients, both for individuals and for legal entities.

Online trading

LMS offers high-level up-to-date services for its clients providing direct access to exchange trades which makes it possible to purchase and sell securities online through a remote terminal. We were one of the first to offer this service in Saint Petersburg. Today online trading systems are very popular among the investors because of the following advantages:
  • almost immediate delivery of trading orders into the trading system;
  • simple and accessible way of settling transaction;
  • possibility of accessing exchange trades from any place in Russia (if Internet access is available);
  • direct participation in trades and possibility of quick transactions immediately after making investment decisions;
  • getting technical analysis of the data by any of the parameters transmitted by the system
  • access to the news feeds of a specialized news agency (Interfax).
One of the most important features of online trading is the possibility to choose trading system for efficient operations on the stock market. QUIK system that we offer to our clients represents an optimal example of modern software. Among its advantages are simple and user-friendly interface, convenient tools for spot-trading and the possibility of making qualified orders (take-profit, stop-loss, limit orders etc).
Online trading with LMS means high-quality brokerage services, low rates, full reporting every month and analytical support for clients. Also, you can sing up for our Personal Financial Advisory service and you'll get powerful, objective, personalised advice on how to invest your money in Russia to enable you to reach yours personal financial goals.
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